Discover the Treasures of Moroccan Culture:
A Window into Tradition

Morocco: a land of authentic, designer crafts!

Morocco boasts a rich cultural heritage, evident in its traditional crafts that have undergone a transformation in recent years, offering more contemporary designer versions. Skilled artisans meticulously handcraft a diverse range of objects using a blend of traditional tools and machinery. These masterpieces encompass both ornamental and functional items, spanning from tableware and furnishings to jewelry and clothing, leaving you irresistibly tempted to bring home a selection of Moroccan souvenirs.

Moreover, Morocco is renowned for its thriving craft industry. In cities like Safi, Fez, and Zagora, you can explore the intricate process of clay production. Ouarzazate takes great pride in its exceptional carpets, while Marrakech excels in leather craftsmanship, producing an array of babouches, bags, and loungewear. These exquisite creations seamlessly fuse the allure of tradition with bold aesthetic innovations.

Moroccan rugs

In the regions of Rabat, Fez and Tetouan, you can choose from a wide range of Moroccan handicrafts, including carpets, which take pride of place in the medinas. Original and complex patterns, sometimes in the centre and sometimes on the edges, depending on usage, give rise to a great deal of thought about their design. In Morocco, the value of a carpet is closely linked to the number of knots and designs that make it up, so it's important to distinguish between urban and rural carpets!

Traditional dress

Traditional dress, still worn for festivities and ceremonies, is now adopting an innovative style. Try the famous caftan! Babouches are also a symbol of typical Moroccan dress. This fashion is now available in all shapes and sizes, and many designers are offering particularly stylish and contemporary models.


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